This is a historical building listed on the Ohio Historical Records. There are historical grants available to fix any issues with the outside(wooden gutter,signage,landscaping,fencing system,windows,ac/heat units. The main building sits on 7 acres that runs along the Mahoning River. This was an old train depot and still has a frieght line that runs behind the building every 30 mins.  This building is currently used for wedding banquets,private parties,bands and festivals. The B&O building also houses the Brewery and has a full commercial kitchen.All equipment stays.


The stage is fully functional for lighting& sound hook up.

The B&O Station and Box Car Lounge

Inside the B&O Station main bldg, there is a fully functional brewery. The owner put 100k worth of equipment into a sectioned off area inside, with a bar and tap system just outside the glass for a direct pour. The system includes: 10 keg system,3 fermenters,6 holding tanks,2 mesh tanks and a small bottling machine(3 bottles at a time). The brewery is separately metered for all utilities.




Hand built by the owner in 2006, the Box Car Lounge has 150k in bar equiptment and construction cost. The building runs on electric heat/air. The top floor can be used as an office space(separate entrance). The Box Car Lounge has a separate liquor license than the main B&O banquet hall. 

The main bldg has a fully functional serving kitchen with over 150k in equipment: 2 walk in coolers and 1 walk in freezer,10-6&4 burner stoves,2 fryers,grill and flat grill,2 double conventional ovens,1 soup kettle(2ftx2) and dishwashing machines and full dinnerware supplies. The Kitchen is also on separate meters.

B&O Main Building

The Pavillion is a covered outdoor building that was added 5 years ago(20k). This area inculdes a bar and a wooden walkway attaches the band stage.